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WZ-4 Microplate Oscillator

WZ-4 Microplate Oscillator

Product overview


WZ-4 Microplate Oscillator

WZ-4 is driven by a DC brushless motor and is mainly used for mixing solutions such as a ELISA plate (96-well/384-well plate) and a cell culture plate (24/48/96-well plate, etc). It can be applied to experiments such as immunoassay and dyeing. It can be used in low temperature room or incubator. The product is simple and convenient to operate, safe and stable without noise.



Product Feature:

1. LCD display; temperature, time and speed display;

2. Adopt high quality switching power supply, stable and reliable;

3 Set time arbitrarily, and the prompt tone is automatically sent after the timing is over;

4. The microprocessor controls the speed and time, the oscillation speed is accurate, and the fluctuation is small;

5. 4 standard microplates can be placed to mix the micro-samples efficiently;

6. Provide gentle or strong oscillation;

7. With power-off recovery function, the instrument can automatically resume operation according to the original setting program after power-off recovery.


 The Basic Parameters:



Speed   Range 200~1500rpm
Timing 0~99h59min
Amplitude 3mm
Dimension   (L×W×H) 280×278×126mm
Weight 5.6KG

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