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VM-100 3D Rotating Mixer

VM-100 3D Rotating Mixer

Product overview


VM-100 is a mixer with adjustable rotation speed and vibration, which is suitable for various tubes. It can provide efficient and mild mixing, so that biological samples in suspension state, all 1.5ml ~ 50ml test tubes can be assembled arbitrarily. It is suitable for similar applications such as prevention of blood coagulation, latex diagnosis and immunoprecipitation. It is easy to move and carry, and can be placed in incubator or biosafety cabinet.



Product Feature:

1. Free assembly of test tube fixture without dismantling rotary clamp

2. LCD display

3. 2 additional self-programming programs

4. 10 different self-contained programs (rotation and vibration)

5. 360 degree rotation and vibration

6. Adjustable time and speed at any angle


The Basic Parameters:



Speed 1rpm ~100rpm
Oscillation   Method Circle
Timing 1m ~99h59m
Voltage DC12V
Power 12W
Dimension(W×D×H)(mm) 440×135×280
Weight 2 kg





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