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HD-2500 Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

HD-2500 Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

Product overview


HD-2500 can process 50 samples at once. Several accessories can be selected to meet the mixing needs of different specifications of test tube.



Product Feature: 

1. LCD display the speed, the time, microprocessor control speed and time

2. Equipped with 12mm a foam test tube rack and tray mats.

3. The panel is simple and the microprocessor precisely controls the time and speed

4. The maximum speed can reach 2500 rpm, well mixing effect

The Basic Parameters:



Speed range 500-2500rpm
Speed Control Accuracy ±1rpm
Amplitude 3.6mm
Timing 0s-99h59m
Intervals 1-99s
Max. Load Capacity 4.5kg
Top Panel Dimensions (L×W) 310×180 mm
Voltage AC 100-230V, 50/60Hz
Power 75W
Fuse 250V, 1A, Ф5×20
Dimension(L×W×H) (mm) 426×246×474
Net Weight 14.7kg



1 HD-2500 Multi-tube Vortex Mixer

1 AC100~240V, 1.5A

1 Foam test tube rack

1 pair of tray mat

Insert Block: 


Type Sponge   Tube Rack(mm) Quantity Dimension(mm)
S1 Φ10 (Φ12) 50 245×132×45
S2 Φ13 50 245×132×45
S3 Φ16 (15ml   Centrifuge tube) 50 245×132×45
S4 Φ25 15 245×132×45
S5 Φ29 (50ml   Centrifuge tube) 15 245×132×45
S6 Replaceable   tray(Upper) / 305×178.5×25
S7 Replaceable   tray(Lower) / 305×178.5×25


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