Chemiluminescence Imaging System WBS-Focus 523+



Wireless Module is optional
It realizes wireless data transmission and wireless control with intelligent devices such as Windows and Mac computer, Mac book, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and other smart phones;
The data can be uploaded to claud, sent to appointed person or group via E-mail or social media by any smart devices with ONE-Touch;
The system can also be unlocked by biometric functions such as face recognition and fingerprint;
CCD Camera
16 Bit Cooling CCD Camera
CCD Size:12.49×9.99mm
CCD Sensor:Sony ICX695
Pixel Size:4.54X4.54 μm
Readout Noise: 5.5e- RMS at 12 MHz
Dark current: <0.0005 e-/pixel/sec. @ -30º C Dynamic Range: ﹥4.6 OD Resolution:6.05 Megapixels,2750*2200 Pixel Density: 16bit (65536 Grey scales) QE: >78%
Cooling:Three stage (TEC) cooling, -60℃ below ambient
Single USB3.0
Standard 25mm F0.95 Mortorized Lens
Focus and aperture controlled by software
No light leakage darkroom
Drawer design, pull-out sample tray, samples can be placed without taking out sample tray
Light Source
White light LED*2
Image Acquisition Software
Supports Windows, MAC OS, IOS and Android system,
Wireless connection to smart devices including PC, Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Android PAD and Smart phones,
Provide data sharing function,
The function above is only available with wireless module
Run without any software encryption devices, so as to avoid that the experiment cannot be carried out due to the loss or damage of the encryption device,
Other functions are similar to other brands … …
Image Analysis Software
Run without software encryption devices, free download for all the useres,
Supports Windows and Mac OS,
A “Magic stick” can automatically identify the lanes and bands in the selected area, and the data, such as gray value, molecular weight and band concentration will be automatically calculated,
Other functions are similar to other brands … …
DNA/RNA detection Various fluorescent dyes, such as: EtBr, Gel Red, Gel Green, SYBR ™ Gold, SYBR ™ Green, SYBR ™ Safe, Fluorescein, Texas Red labeled DNA / RNA detection;
Western Blotting membranes Western Lightning, ECL, ECLplus.

① 16 bit Cooled CCD Camera
② Resolution:6.05 MP,2750*2200
③Quantum Efficiency : > 75%
④Cooling:Three Stage Peltier,
-60℃ regulated(-30℃ absolute)
⑤Dynamic range:0-4.6 OD
⑥ Difference:
WBS-Compact 523+: F0.95 Ultrafast Lens
(Motorized, Fixed), WBSFocus 523+:F0.80 Ultrafast Lens
(Motorized, Fixed)
⑦ Supports to Western Lightning, ECL,

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