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WH-5 Thermostatic water bath

Thermostatic water bath

Product overview

WH-5 thermostatic water bath is a multifunctional thermostatic water bath controlled by microcomputer technology. It is widely used in medicine, biochemistry, Light Industry, Scientific Research and other fields. .

Water bath is a multifunctional constant temperature water bath with microcomputer control technology, which is widely used in medicine, biochemistry, light industry, scientific research and other fields.



Product features

1. TFT color screen display, clear parameter setting, beautiful appearance;

2. Microprocessor control, good temperature control linearity and small fluctuation;

3. Built in liquid level sensor, prevent dry burning, beep alarm, safe and reliable.

Product Feature:

Model WH-5 WH-10
capacity 5L 10L
Power Supply AC100~120V/AC200~240V  50~60Hz
Temperature range Ambient +5℃~100℃
time frame 1s~99m59s
control accuracy ±0.3℃
Uniformity ±0.3℃(37℃)
power 550W 1000W
Sink size(WxDxH) 155x300x150mm 240x300x150mm
Boundary dimension(WxDxH) 205x395x210mm 290x395x210mm

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