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NanoOne Microspectrophotometer

Product overview

1. SMART android operating system, 7-inch capacitive touch screen, multi-touch control, special APP software, more intuitive interface, user-friendly design. 2. Colorimetric dish slot, can be bacteria / microorganisms, and others functions.




Unavailable for North America and Europe

Available for South America / Asia / Africa


Product Features:


1. Intelligent Android operating system, 7-inch capacitive touch screen, multi touch, special app software, more intuitive interface, humanized design.

2. The cuvette slot is more handy for the detection of the concentration of culture medium such as bacteria / microorganisms.

3. Only 0.5-2 μ l sample is needed for each test. After the measurement, the samples can be recovered and the precious samples can be studied at ease.

4. The sample is directly added to the sample detection platform, without dilution, the detection and display results can be completed within 6S, and the results are directly output to the sample concentration.

5. Xenon flash lamp, with a service life of 10 ⒐ times (up to 10 years). Start up without preheating, direct use, can be detected at any time.

6. Point the sample directly on the sample adding platform without dilution. The measured sample concentration is 50 times of that of the conventional UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The result is directly output as the sample concentration without additional calculation.

7. Stable and fast USB data output mode, convenient to export data for corresponding analysis.

8. The instrument does not need to be connected to a computer, and the sample test and data storage can be completed on a single machine

9. Image and table storage format, table compatible with Excel, convenient for subsequent data processing, support JPG image export.

The Basic Parameters:

Model NanoOne
Wavelength range 200-800nm; cuvette mode (OD600 measurement): 600 ± 8nm
Sample volume requirements 0.5~2.0ul
Optical path 0.2mm (high concentration measurement); 1.0mm (ordinary concentration measurement)
light source Xenon flash lamp
detector 2048 unit linear CCD array
Wavelength accuracy 1nm
Wavelength resolution ≤3nm(FWHM at Hg 546nm)
Absorbance accuracy 0.003Abs
Absorbance Accuracy 1%(7.332 Abs at 260nm)

Absorbance range (equivalent to 10 mm)

0.02-100a; cuvette mode (OD600 measurement): 0-4a
Nucleic acid detection range <6S
Nucleic acid detection range 2~5000ng/ul(dsDNA)
Data output mode USB
Sample base material Quartz optical fiber and high hard aluminum
The power adapter 12V 4A
Power waste 48W
Power consumption in standby mode 5W
Software operation level Android system
Size 270*210*196 mm
weight 3.5kg



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