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TM-80 rotary mixer

TM-80 rotary mixer

Product overview


The working principle of TM-80 rotary mixer is that the sample is rotated around the rotating axis to mix the sample.



1. Product introduction:

The working principle of tm-80 disk mixer is that the sample disk rotates around the rotating axis to mix samples. There are two kinds of mixing effects produced by the turntable mixer turntable: one is the up-down effect, when the sample is placed along the radial direction of the tray, the mixer will mix from top to bottom; the other is the rotation effect, the mixer will mix the sample by the rotation operation. In order to prevent the sample falling off during rotation, the rotor head can be adjusted according to the appropriate angle.

The disk mixer is used for tissue culture, extraction and determination of sedimentation rate (including chemical determination of various blood samples), such as: blood sample mixing, radioimmunoassay, glucose, protein, DNA, cell, urine, enzyme and other wet chemical analysis. It is widely used in biochemical, biological, cell, immune, chemical, animal and plant analysis, clinical experiments and many other aspects. Its main feature is that they can be mixed in a mild way to avoid cell rupture and continuous mixing for a long time. The tilt angle of the turntable can be adjusted in the range of 0-90 °. It can also be placed in the incubator as required.

2. Product features:

1. User friendly key operation interface, led timing time and speed display.

2. A variety of centrifugal pipe clamps are optional, suitable for 1.5-50ml micro centrifugal pipe.

3. Tilt angle of rotary table: 0-90 °, with scale display.

4. It is equipped with timing function. The cultivation time can be set at will within the range of 0-99’59 “, the display screen displays the remaining time, and the sound alarm signal can be sent at the end of timing, or it can be set to operate continuously at irregular time.

5. Long life motor drive, accurate speed, long life, maintenance free.

6. It can be mixed in a mild way to avoid cell rupture and continuous mixing for a long time

7. The easy to remove tube clamp allows easy and quick cleaning of spilled samples.


Model TM-80
Speed range 10rpm~80rpm
Tilt angle range 0°~ 90°
Timing range 0~99’59”
Input power AC 100 ~230V, 50/60Hz
power 30W
Fuse 250V, 1A, Ф5×20
Boundary dimension W.204 x D.319 x H.300mm
Net weight 4.5kgs


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