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TM-30 Rotary Blood Mixer

TM-30 Rotary Blood Mixer

Product overview


Working Principle of TM-30: The sample is rotated about the axis to achieve sample mixing. There are two kinds of mixing: one is the up-down action, when the sample is placed along the radial direction of the tray, the instrument mixes the samples from top to bottom; the other is the rotary mixing, and it mixes the sample rotationally.

The rotary mixer is used for tissue culture, extraction, and determination of sedimentation rate (including chemical determination of various blood samples), such as: blood sample mixing, radioimmunoassay, glucose, in biological, chemical, animal and plant analysis, clinical experiments and many other aspects. Main features: They can be continuously mixed for a long time at a constant speed, and gently mixed to avoid cell rupture. It can also be placed in an incubator as needed.



Product Features:

1. It can be used in humid environment such as refrigerators and refrigerators;

2. A variety of centrifugal pipe fixtures can be selected, suitable for 1.5-50ml micro-tube.

3. Easy to operate, long-running, stable and low noise.

4. Easy-to-remove test tube holder for easy and quick cleaning of spilled samples.


The Basic Parameters:



Speed 30rpm
Slope Angle 45°
Voltage DV12V
Power 15W
Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm) W.208 x D.250 x H.253mm
Weight 3.5kg

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