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RT-20 3D Rotation Mixer

RT-20 3D Rotation Mixer

Product overview


RT-20 is a three-dimensional small shaker consisting of a shaker and a swing arm. It provides a very thorough, mild blending operation without foaming, which is an ideal choice for small sample mixing. Its swing trajectory and speed are fixed. It is an ideal choice for protein imprinting, coloring and other operations. The inclination angle of the tray is large enough to ensure that the reagent can be fully dispersed uniformly.


Product Features:

1. Suitable for mixing serum tube and centrifugal tube.

2. Rubber tray can put a variety of test tubes.

3. The angle of the tray is large enough to ensure that the reagents are well dispersed.

4. Small vibration, no noise and ultra-quiet.

5. Suitable for the refrigerator.

6. 60×1.5ml, 30×3ml, 21×7ml, 17×15ml

The Basic Parameters:



Speed 20rpm
Operating   Mode 3D Rotation   in 20°
Max. Load   Capacity 0.8kg
Voltage AC 220V/AC110V,50/60Hz
Power 20W
 Dimensions (W×D×L)(mm) 240×170×150
Weight 1.7kg



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