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RS-100 Rocker Shaker

RS-100 Rocker Shaker 


RS-100 Rocker Shaker is a mixing device that controlled by DC brushless motor and microcomputer. It can be directly used in the greenhouse or in the freezer. It provides both soft and intensive mixing of solutions or nutrient media in vessels or plastic bags placed on the platform. The device is ideal for gel destaining after electrophoresis and homogenization of bio-extraction media. It is optimal for biomolecule hybridization on strips and for staining/destaining procedures. When installed inside a bio-incubator it is ideal for growing cells and cell cultures in disposable plastic reactor-bags.



Product Feature:

1. Suitable for various sample bottles, such as petri dishes, flasks and flasks.

2. Stainless steel pallet and wear-resistant rubber platform, acid and alkali resistance, non-deformation, easy cleaning and anti-leakage

3. LED display, convenient operation.

4. Continuous work

5. Wear-resistant and low noise.


The Basic Parameters:



Speed 10~100rmp
Timing 1m~99h59m
Tilt Angle 10°
Loading 5.0kg
Voltage AC100~230V,50/60HZ
Power 45W
Fuse 250V,1A
Platform   Dimension (W×L)(mm) 300×240
Size(W×D×L)(mm) 284×264×134
Weight 5.6kg


Type Tray
P1 Single   stainless steel tray
P2 Double   stainless steel tray
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