OS-2200D digital overhead stirrer

OS-2200D digital overhead stirrer

Product overview


OS-2200D digital overhead stirrer is suitable for medium to high viscosity liquid or solid liquid mixing. It’s mainly used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, physical and chemical analysis, petrochemical, cosmetics, health products, food, biotechnology and other fields.



Product Features:

1.      Large screen, clear at a glance, beautiful aluminum alloy case;

2.      Display speed and torque, easy to operate;

3.      The rotational speed can be adjusted according to the consistency of the sample;

4.      Low noise, long life and maintenance free;

5.      The instrument overload and automatically cuts off the circuit, safe;

6.      The motor can turn in both directions

The Basic Parameters:




null OS-2200 OS-2200D
Capacity 20L 40L
Max. Viscosity 20000mpas 50000mpas
Max. Torque 40Ncm 60Ncm
Power 100W 130W
Weight 3.3kg 3.5kg
Voltage AC100 -240V  50-60Hz
Speed 50-2200rpm
Speed Accuracy ±3rpm
Timing 1-59h99min
Clamping 0.5-10mm
Screen(inch) TFT 4.59 inch
Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm) 90 ×   160 ×   220
RS232 Interface Yes
Turn in both   directions Yes

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