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Mini-7KS Composite Rotors Centrifuge

Mini-7KS is the latest handheld micro centrifuge of our company. It is the leading composite rotor micro-centrifuge in China. Users can complete different experiments without replacing the rotor conveniently, saving the time.

It is designed with the domestic leading “three in one” composite rotor, which is suitable for

6×1.5/2.0ml centrifuge tube

6×0.5ml centrifuge tube

2x8x0.2ml PCR tube strips

16×0.2ml centrifuge tube



Product Feature:

1. The unique rotor can meet different experiments without changing the rotor

2. Micro DC motor and carbon fiber rotor

3. Patented silent technology, operate with ultra-low noise

4. Strong shell made of high-strength transparent composite material, anti-fall and anti-impact

5. Flip switch function, automatically operation when the cover is opened

6. Three speeds (4000rpm, 6000rpm&7000rpm), freely switchable to meet different experimental requirements

The Basic Parameters:



Speed 4000rpm/6000rpm/7000rpm
Max.   RCF 960g(4000rpm)



Capacity 6╳1.5ml/2.0ml   centrifuge tube

6╳0.5ml   centrifuge tube

2╳8╳0.2ml   PCR tube strips

16╳0.2ml   centrifuge tube

Time 0-99h59m
Noise ≤45   dB
Dimension(W×L×H)   (mm) 178×160×121(mm)
Weight ≤1.6kg
Voltage 220V/110V  50~60HZ
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