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LineGene 9600 Plus – Real-Time PCR


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LineGene 9600 Plus – Marca Bioer


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Line-Gene 9600 Plus adopts Ferrotec specially-made Peltier, advanced fiber optic technology, new global wide-range power supply, the unique patented block dissipation technology and bottom detection mode, which provides better heating/cooling rate, temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability. Line-Gene 9600 Plus has up to 96 sample capacity and fast speed of dual-color scanning, and the design of 5 channel detection also covers the whole fluorescence detection wavelength.Newly-designed automatic hot-lid without manual operation ensures constant pressure for various tube heights. This auto hot-lid mode could be easily integrated into various automatic systems. Its Windows tablet computer and new touch screen brings excellent operating experience.Newly-improved Line-Gene 9600 Plus Real-Time PCR detection system can satisfy various clients’ requirement either for research or clinical use.

 Product name  LineGene 9600 Plus Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System
 Product model  FQD-96A
 Sample Capacity  96×0.2ml PCR plate, 12x 8-strip tubes, 96 x0.2ml single tube (transparent bottom)
 Reaction system  5~100ul
 Dynamic range  1-1010
 Detection path  F1  F2  F3  F4  F5  F6
 Suitable dye  FAM, SYBR  Green I  HEX/VICTET/JOE/CY3/NED/TAMRA  ROX,TEXAS-RED  Cy5  Cy5.5  reserved path
 Excitation wavelength  300-800nm
 Detection wavelength  500-800nm
 Module working temperature  range  4-105C (resolution: 0.14℃) with SOAK low temperature storage function
 Temperature control precision  ±0.1℃
 Temperature uniformity  <±0.3℃
 Hot lid temperature range  30-110℃ (adjustable, default by 105℃ and automatic hot lid)
 Temperature control mode  Block Mode and Tube Mode (automatic control based on liquid level)
 Operation mode  Continuous operation
 Gradient temperature range  1~36℃
 Fluorescence intense detection repetition  5%
 Scanning mode  Full-plate scanning and designated line scanning
 Scanning time  5.5s
 Special function  Absolute quantitative automatic analysis, relative quantitative, 5NP analysis, melting Curve analysis, 6 independent temperature 7ones, HRM, Multi-channel| crosstalk calibration, background correction, auto gain, customizable parameters,.etc.
 Programming  Max.20 segments for each program, max.99 cycles
 Operating system  Microsoft: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
 application software: Excel 200:2002/2003/2007/2012
 Minimum computer configuration  RAM: 512M. hardware space: 10GB CPU: Pentium 4 virtual memory: ≥1000MB
 Port method  Support USB and R5232 data port and Bluetooth port
 Input power  100-240v, 50/60Hz. 600W
 Outer dimension  410mmX386mmX352mm
 Cerlification  Ferratec Peltier/CE/EMC/RoHS2.0/PICC Product Quality Liability Insurance/VD/MET



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