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GenePure Plus – Extrator de ácido nucleico


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GenePure Plus – Extrator de ácido nucleico – Marca Bioer  –


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Gene Pure Plus uses the magnetic separation technology, select the corresponding kit can automatically from various samples, such as purification of high purity nucleic acid separation of blood, tissues and cells, the whole structure of the instrument design.
It is equipped with a tablet computer, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, heating module functions and easy to operate. It is the assistant of clinical gene testing and molecular biology laboratory research.


 Product name  GenePure Plus fully automatic Nucleic Acid Purification System
 Product model  NPA-32+
 Certification  CE/IPCC Product Quality Liability Insurance
 Sample throughput  1-32 samples
 Recycle efficiency of magnetic beads  ≥98%
 Purification difference between wells  Cv<3%
 Heating temperature control range  Lysis heating temp.: R.T. +5~125℃
 Elution heating temp.: R.T. +5~125℃
 Environment temp. range  10~40℃
 Environment humidity range  10%~90%
 Oscillation mixing  Adjustable with multiple modes & gears
 Sterilization/pollution removal method  UV lamp
 Reagent type  Magnetic beads kits
 Operating system  Windows7/8
 Control computer  Tablet, PC/Laptop
 Communication port  Support USB, RS232 data port and Bluetooth, WIFI wireless port
 Program management  Create, edit and delete program; edit extraction program
 Code scanning  Optional
 Input power  AC100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 600W
 Size(L×W×H)  372mm×430mm×440mm
 Net Weight  28kg


GenePure Plus Manual

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