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HS-350 Heated Magnetic Stirrer

Hs-350 heated magnetic stirrer

Product overview

The HS-350 heating Magnetic stirrer uses a specially made enamel countertop heating technology to resist corrosion and heat shock, with a maximum surface temperature of 340 °C. Magnetic stirrer stirring technology, wide range of stirring



Product features:

1) Exquisite and beautiful appearance, TFT color screen display, parameter display at a glance;

2) DC brushless motor is maintenance-free, with large torque, preventing the agitator from jumping;

3) The heating table adopts stainless steel nano-ceramic technology, which is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant, and the surface is easy to clean, safe, and reliable;

3) The mixing speed has a wide range, which is suitable for various experimental applications;

4) It has the function of the countdown, dynamic control of the sensitive reaction, and reminder;

5) After shutdown, the heating table has to overheat protection to display the temperature.

The Basic Parameters:

Type HS-350
Voltage AC100-120V/AC200-240V  50-60Hz
Hotplate Dimension(W*L)mm ∅135
Timing 99h59m
Position 1
Plate Material Stainless Steel + Enamel
Temp. R.T.+5℃-340℃
Temp. display accuracy ±3℃
External temperature sensor PT1000
Speed 50-1500rpm
Max. stirring quantity(H2O) 20L
Length 80mm
Mini. Temp 50℃
Max. Temp 400℃
Power 550W
Dimension (W*D*H)(mm) 170x275x76
Weight                            2.2kg
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