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GS-300 Glass Bead Sterilizer

GS-300 Glass Bead Sterilizer

Product overview


GS-300 is a product that uses high temperature glass beads to rapidly sterilize small test equipment. It can effectively disinfect small solid metal and glassware in ten seconds, effectively eliminate bacteria and spores, and can be used for disinfection of surgical forceps, scissors, forceps, scalpels, needles, inoculation rings and inoculation needles.



Product Feature:

1. Easy to operate, small and durable

2. LCD display, up to 300 ° C;

3. Stainless steel container with high-performance heating elements, high-precision temperature controller and over-temperature protection.

The Basic Parameters:



GS-300 GS-300D
Voltage AC100-120V/AC200-240V  50-60Hz
Temp. 100~300℃
Temperature Discrepancy ≤5℃
Heating Time ≤25min
Size (mm) Φ40×80 Φ40×140
Bead Capacity 150g 300g
Power 120W 250W
 Dimensions(W×D×H)(mm) 135×150×155 135×150×205


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