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DC150-1B Visible Sample Concentrator

DC150-1B Visible Sample Concentrator

Product overview


DC150-1B is a high-precision control instrument that combines microcomputer and PID. Working principle: the nitrogen can be blowed onto the surface of the heated samples and then set the heating temperature to achieve rapid concentration of a large number of samples.



Product feature:

1. The heater allows samples to be heated rapidly to the evaporation temperature, through the gas blow to the solution surface via needle at the same time, prompting rapid evaporation and concentration solution.

2. The gas chamber height can be adjusted

3. Each blow needle can be controlled independently; can be blown, separate flow regulation, no waste of gas.

4. The entire system can be arranged in the ventilation cabinet when process concentration of toxic solvents.

5. Built in over-temperature protection device, automatic fault detection and alarm function.

6. LED display, temperature and time diminishing display, the operation is simple and convenient.


The Basic Parameters:




Temperature Range R.T.+5℃ ~150℃
Heating Time(20-150 °C) ≤30m
Temperature Control Discrepancy @40 °C ≤±0.3℃
Temperature Control Discrepancy @100 °C ≤±0.5℃
Temperature Control Discrepancy @120 °C ≤±1℃
Blocks 1
Time 0 ~99h59m
Nitrogen Flow 0 ~12L/m
Needles Length 150mm
Column 280
Gas Pressure ≤0.2MPa
Power 400W
Dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 220×290×540
Insert Blocks Block Form

Insert Block: 


Type Specification Tube diameter Bottom Shape Dimension (mm)
K1 ȼ10mm×12 10.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K2 ȼ12mm×12 12.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K3 ȼ13mm×12 13.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K4 ȼ15mm×12 15.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K5 ȼ16mm×12 16.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K6 ȼ19mm×12 19.5 Round 153×96.5×50
K7 ȼ20mm×12 20.5 Round 153×96.5×50

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