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Mini Centrifuge Mini-10K+

Mini Centrifuge is smart and versatile, equipped with two centrifugal rotors and multiple tube adapters. It is suitable for 2.0ml/1.5ml/0.5ml/0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 0.2ml×8 PCR tube strip. It can be suspended with opened cover and start to run with closed cover at the original time, which can be timing.



Product Feature:

1.The rotors with 8 holes,the RCF is more higher

2.The cover automatically opens for easy one-handed operation

3.Unique rotor snaps for easy replacement.

4.LCD display, temperature and time countdown display

5.Maintenance-free motor with ultra-low noise, durable and safe.

6.Multi-purpose machine for a variety of experiments, exquisite and compact


The Basic Parameters:



Speed 3000-10000 rpm
Max. RCF 500-5400 g
Capacity 8×2.0/1.5/0.5/0.2ml centrifuge tube          (0.5ml and 0.2m adapter)       2×8×0.2ml        PCR tube strip 8×2.0/1.5/0.5/0.2ml centrifuge tube            (0.5ml and 0.2m adapter) 8×2.0/1.5/0.5/0.2ml centrifuge tube          (0.5ml and 0.2ml adapter)        2×8×0.2ml PCR tube strip (Speed<6k)
Timing 0-99m59s
Noise ≤45 dB ≤55dB
Dimension 176×160×121(mm)
Weight ≤1.5kg
Voltage 220V/110V  50-60HZ


Application Area:

1. Extracting serum from whole blood

2. Extracting supernatant from various samples

3. Rapid sample sedimentation

4. Micro blood cell separation

5. Microbial sample treatment

6. PCR experiment partitioning centrifugation

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