G100 Digital Dry Bath

G100 Digital Dry Bath

Product overview

G100 is a new designed dry bath incubator for economic choice.



G100 dry thermostat an economical heating and constant temperature metal bath. The product is equipped with a circular heating modeule , which has high temperature control accuracy and good sample preparation parallelism.


Product usage scenarios

It is widely used in the cultivation, preservation and reaction of varius samples.


– Pre-denaturation for DNA amplification and spot

– Serum coagulation


Product details


The apperance is exquisite and compact, with a transparent cover and a small footprint.


– G100 Digital Dry Bath

– Transparent cover

– Block – various models

– Safety lock

– Led display


The feature


Built-in over-temperature protection device, safer and more reliable to use, prolong the service life of the machine.


– Good temperature uniformity;

– Overheating protection;

-Timing Function;

– Multiple blocks;

– Small design, small footprint


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