Delivery, return and refund policy

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Deadlines and delivery

The delivery time, date and time is the responsibility of third parties, since we inform you that the transport company is the owner of the delivery service, making it impossible for the LGC Biotecnologia factory to have precision in the time and date, but we will inform the expected date of delivery that was informed to us and we will inform the customer, if we act as an intermediary between the customer and the service provider.

We already inform you that for reasons of a greater cause, accidents, misfortune, strikes can happen during the delivery of the product


Ecera Trading is in accordance with the Law, Consumer Protection Code and (CI – Consumers International).


Our products go through three conference processes:

  • Check of the bottles, expiration date and volume;
  • Packaging with protection and informed fragile product;
  • Verification of procedures 1 and 2 by a second person.

After the conference, the product is picked up by the carrier that will transport it to the customer’s home.

Obs. Before signing the delivery documents check the packaging to see if it was not violated in transit.


The customer regretting the purchase of the product because it is a virtual product can return it within seven days from the date of delivery, receipt. Avoid unnecessary expenses. make sure it’s what you really need to buy.

What are the rules for returning defective products?

In case of addiction or product defect, we are responsible for the problem and will arrange the repair within 30 days.

  • we will replace the product with another of the same type;
  • we will refund the amount paid in full;
  • we will deduct the amount proportionately, due to the use of the equipment for a certain period in the case of return.
  • We will repair the equipment.

Withdraw at Ecera Trading Company

The Customer can choose to pick up the products directly at the address, after confirmation stating the pickup in person:

8249 NW 66th St, Miami, FL 33166

Transportation service of the Post Office in America

The customer can choose to hire the Correios service, prices are estimated and related to the payment method in cash.

Delivery times are counted from the first business day following the post and vary according to the location of the post’s origin and destination

For the purpose of counting the delivery time, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not considered working days. Posting occurred after the postage deadline (DH), 1 (one) business day will be added to the standard delivery time.

We inform you that the entire transport process is the responsibility of Correios and we hereby inform you that we are not responsible for delays and deviations of goods.

When contracting the Correios service, request delivery in Own Hand and Declaration of Value to guarantee the refund in case of loss.

How to track a Brazilian object

To check the tracking of an object, simply enter its registration code in the Tracking System. This code, present on the proof of postage ticket, consists of 13 alphanumeric digits, organized as follows:

See here the acronyms used in tracking objects in Brazil

The consultation can also be carried out by the CPF / CNPJ of the recipient or the Brazilian sender, if this data was informed at the time of posting.

The consultation can be carried out by:

An object (individual queries)

Enter the code with the 13 positions of your postage slip in the “Object tracking” field and click the “Search” button. Ex: SS123456789BR

List of objects

To search for information about multiple objects whose identifiers are independent, separate the identifiers to be consulted with a semicolon. Ex: SS123456789BR; SSB912345678R; SS891234567BRS.

To search for information about multiple objects whose identifiers are independent, separate the identifiers to be consulted with a semicolon. Ex: SS123456789BR-SS123456799BR

Brazilian CPF or CNPJ

To consult objects from the sender’s or recipient’s CPF / CNPJ, just type it in Object Tracking System, without special characters (periods and hyphens, for example), enter login and password. If the user is not registered on the Correios Portal, he / she can register. Authentication is mandatory.

The system will display the last 50 objects associated with that CPF or CNPJ that have had some kind of movement in the last 180 days.

Consultation by CPF or CNPJ is only possible when these data have been informed by the sender during the posting and is available exclusively for postings made directly at the branch counter. Customers who pre-post (through SIGEP Web, for example) do not yet have access to the functionality of informing a CPF / CNPJ associated with the object.

International tracking

Objects posted in Brazil

Tracking for objects posted in Brazil with code starting with “R” and “C” is not guaranteed outside of Brazilian territory. For these objects, postal operators in other countries may not provide and / or transmit tracking information to Brazil. Therefore, object tracking queries can also be performed on the websites of the destination operators available at: ttps://

Objects posted abroad

The service hired by the sender at the origin determines the level of tracking information for the objects on our website.

In this context, registered objects received from abroad that have code beginning with “R”, do not have point-to-point tracking, that is, the information in the tracking system includes only the events of: receiving in Brazil and delivery, attempted delivery or awaiting pickup at the responsible unit. In some cases, there may be the events of: referral for inspection; taxation and exit from inspection.

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