Sterile Fetal Bovine Serum- BioPlus


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Sterile Fetal Bovine Serum – BioPlus


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100% Sterile Fetal Bovine Serum – BioPlus

Catalog No.: 10BioPlus-500
Quantity 500 mL
Storage: -20ºC
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Sterile Fetal Bovine Serum (SFB), triple filtration 0.1 micron BioPlus from Brazil is the liquid fraction of fetal bovine blood, without cells, fibrin and clotting factors, but containing a large amount of nutritional and macromolecular factors essential for cell growth.

Brazil’s SFB BioPlus shows exceptional results in cell culture media supplemented with this product. The growth factors that the SFB contains, combined with the factors of the SFB BioPlus supplementation, give the cell culture medium a wealth of components that result in an improvement and optimized yield of the growing cells. The SFB BioPlus should be used in eukaryotic cell cultures and has wide application in research, manufacture and control of vaccines and biotechnological drugs for human and animal use in general.

Origin: BRAZIL

The product is collected from fetuses in an aseptic place. The animals are inspected by the Federal Inspection Service of the Ministry of Agriculture (SIF), for export of organotherapy products to the European Economic Community (EEC).
The product is packaged and standardized in 4.5 L gallons. Each gallon is visually inspected in order to verify its proper labeling and the integrity of the product and packaging.
Collection, handling, processing and storage are conducted in order to maintain the properties and qualities of the serum. Each batch is accompanied by a certificate containing all the data of the biochemical tests carried out on the sera.

Hemoglobin Levels:
The standard required by the market is less than 25 mg/dl.
Our average is 15 mg/dL.

Collection Method:
They are collected aseptically, by cardiac or venous puncture.

End filter size:
All sera are filtered through three cellulose acetate membranes with a porosity of 0.1 mm.

All batches of sera are tested for the presence of bacteria, fungi and other possible contaminants.

Each batch is tested for the presence of Mycoplasma in liquid and solid media for 14 days. This parameter is also detected through the Polymerase Chain Reaction, using specific primers for the genus.

The concentration of hemoglobin in the serum is determined by colorimetric method through an assay where the peroxidase activity of hemoglobin is measured using ortho-toluidine as a substrate.

Protein electrophoresis:
Examined by the characteristics of the protein standard on cellulose acetate tape and pH 8.6 barbital buffer.

Test in Cell Culture:
Sera are tested at concentrations of 5 to 30% in order to promote subculture of 10 generations of subcultures.

Heat inactivation:
Serum can be inactivated at 56°C for thirty minutes. This specification is valid for inactivated sera.
Each serum is listed and tested as a growth promoting supplement for defined media. The choice of whey is related to:

cell lineage type
Type of Culture
Chemical composition of the medium
Objects of investigation or use


NET 16,91 FL OZ – (500mL), NET 3,38 FL OZ – (100mL)

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